How To Stop Losing Your Pool Service Customers Part I

Losing a customer can be a difficult experience for your pool business, but it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to experience more cancellations. With the right tools, techniques, and technology, you can turn your pool business into a thriving, growing venture. In today’s blog post from PoolPro Valet, we’ll give you customer retention tips you can implement immediately to improve current customer relationships and build new ones as well.

How to Keep Your Customers and Grow Your Pool Business

PoolPro Valet is a cloud-based pool service software that transforms your pool business into a professional, technology-driven service. We help you make pool service part of your client’s lifestyle by maximizing simplicity and convenience. PoolPro Valet is a dual technology: one part business management hub, one part client-facing app with your branding front and center. Get started with our cloud-based pool service software for an affordable monthly subscription.

Tips for Retaining Your Pool Service Customers


Improve Your Communication

If you want your customers to keep using your service, it’s important to ensure they feel involved in the process. Even if you have clients with a “set it and forget it” mindset, maintaining all channels of communication will give your pool business a safety net in case they change their mind and want to interact. Just one missed call or unopened email can result in a customer assuming you’re not attentive to their needs, making them more likely to go somewhere else.

One problem many pool service businesses experience is that their communications are spread across multiple channels, and are thus more likely to slip through the cracks. Instead of trying to keep up with texts, emails, an office phone, and online form submissions, look for an all-in-one solution like PoolPro Valet. Our administrator hub and client-facing app allows you to manage all communications from one place.


Know Who Your Customers Are

By this, we don’t mean understanding your demographic, but knowing your customers as individuals. If your customers are just a list of addresses with pools, there is no way you’re going to foster retention and loyalty. Perhaps you’ve interacted with someone who forgot your name, mistook you for someone else, or didn’t remember meeting you entirely — flip that experience onto your customers, and you can see how vital it is to make a personal connection with the people your pool business serves. When you know your customers, they get to know, trust, and value you as their personal pool service provider.

How do you keep track of your customers so you can develop that kind of professional relationship? Again, the right technology plays a crucial role. PoolPro Valet includes a CRM system that allows you to create and manage customer accounts, add notes, and keep track of all aspects of their interactions with you, from services rendered and communications to service-related pictures and videos they share. Our pool service software gives you a real-time digital copy of each customer’s information and experience at your fingertips.


Take Customer Feedback Seriously

While it can hurt to know that you or one of your pool technicians made a mistake with a customer’s pool, it’s important to keep up with negative feedback from customers so you can correct the problem and restore the relationship. This can be a sensitive situation to navigate, especially if you’re not sure whose account of the incident you should trust — that of your client or your technician. This challenging decision is often preceded by poor communication and poor record keeping.

Pool service software like PoolPro Valet can help you prevent these uncomfortable situations by ensuring all services and communications are thoroughly documented. From viewing your technician’s routes for the day to accessing client-submitted photos and videos, you’ll be able to understand the big picture of every situation. This applies to both negative and positive feedback, so you can correct problems and reward exceptional service.

Choose PoolPro Valet for Happier Customers and Better Business

Our cloud-based pool service software supports your business and your customers. We created our technology with both you and those you serve in mind, because we know that clients are the lifeblood of every business. As business owners ourselves, we are deeply committed to our PoolPro Valet clients. Join the PoolPro community today to see for yourself how it feels when customer experience is the number-one priority.

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