How To Stop Losing Your Pool Service Customers Part II

In our first blog post in this series, we covered customer-retention tips that focused directly on customer interactions. In this post, we’re diving into ways you can influence how your pool service business appeals to customers by enhancing the indirect impressions you make through your branding, appearance, and online presence. Keep scrolling for tips you can start using today!

More Tips for Pool Service Customer Retention

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Create a Brand Your Customers Can Align With

Branding is powerful — imagine if every popular product on store shelves had its label removed. What’s inside wouldn’t change, but the consumer’s ability to identify with the product would completely dissolve. It’s likely that even without a professional logo or other brand hallmarks, you’ve got some loyal customers who value your pool business for its high-quality service. On the other hand, attracting new customers can be difficult if you lack consistent branding.

Creating a brand identity boils down to consistency and relevancy to the target audience. If your pool business is located in an affluent area, you may want to go for a clean, professional look and messaging that meshes with the lifestyles of your clients. For a small town, using your own name or a quirky character to represent your brand could prove to be effective. For any location, branding your business based on popular landmarks, city nicknames, or other native features may help establish you as a local favorite.

One of the greatest advantages of using PoolPro Valet to manage your pool service business is our client-facing app. More accurately, it’s your app! Your subscription to PoolPro Valet includes internal customization of the user interface — once a client opens the app on their smartphone, they see your branding on every screen. You can enjoy consistent branding for your business while your customers enjoy a seamless experience.


Improve Your Face-to-Face Impressions

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but the reality is that customers are going to have a natural reaction to the appearance of the physical aspects of your business. You have control over ensuring it’s a positive reaction.

The simplest way to improve the impressions you make on customers is to create a company uniform. This will give your technicians a clean, easily identifiable appearance and reassure your customers that they have chosen a reliable, legitimate business — not a stranger with a sweaty polo and a pool skimmer.

You can also revise other physical aspects of your business, from vehicles and vehicle decals to business cards, other paper marketing materials, and a storefront (if you have one). You’ll want to solidify your branding before implementing these changes. Of course, your quality of service will need to mirror the quality of your refreshed appearance.

Enhance Your Digital Impressions

Your digital impressions include more than just your website. You’ll also need to address your social media accounts and any online review platforms on which your pool business is listed. Clients rely on your pool service business to be accessible, even when they aren’t directly receiving services. Current and potential customers alike should be able to find your business online with as little trouble as possible.

If someone is going off of an internet search with zero word-of-mouth recommendations, they’re likely going to choose the pool service business with the top-ranking website or social media page. You can get ahead of the competition by using pool service software with an integrated customer review feature. PoolPro Valet includes this feature, so you can quickly and easily follow up with clients for reviews to help bolster your online presence. Because it’s integrated into your branded app, leaving a review will feel natural for your customers, and you won’t have to pester them from your own email or a third-party system.


Provide Great Pool Service

At the end of the day, keeping your clients onboard comes down to the quality of your services. All of the branding and communication in the world will still fall short if you leave your customer with a dirty pool, an open gate, or damaged property. With PoolPro Valet pool service software, you don’t have to be distracted by these oversights. Our cloud-based technology allows you to manage routes, schedules, pool techs, individual appointments, and client feedback from one place.

Become the Business You’ve Always Wanted

For just under $60 per month, PoolPro Valet gives you the technology you need to refresh your pool service business for modern clients. Not only will your customers love their pool service experience, but you’ll love delivering it with automated tools and seamless integrations that make running your business blissfully simple. Rediscover the passion you started with — learn more about PoolPro Valet, or contact us now to begin.

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