Summer's Coming - 4 Ways You Can Prep Your Pool Service Business for the Extra Workload

With Winter coming to a close and Spring in the air, many pool owners are looking in their back yards and wondering when to take off the cover. The past year has been rough on everyone with social distancing, and people are antsy to get out of their homes for gatherings, such as Summer barbecues and pool parties. Plus, with COVID-19 vaccinations coming to the general population, pools in neighborhoods, hotels, resorts, and more will likely be filled to the brim with swimmers.

With everyone opening up their pools and the expected increase in use, pool service demands may be higher than ever this year. That’s good for your pool service business, but only if you’re prepared. Get ahead of the game with these few tips for prepping your business, brought to you by the pool service experts at PoolPro Valet.


Coach Your Technicians & Certified Pool Operators

The work demands on pool operators and service technicians this season will likely be very different from those they’ve worked in the past. Whether you have a team full of veteran techs, or one with greenhorns in the mix, make sure you set their expectations for the season now, rather than letting them get caught off-guard and stressed out later.

This is as easy as scheduling a couple of quick meetings. Get your team together and just talk about service demands and changes to expect this year. They may have even thought about it as well and can bring up potential ideas on service improvements. Never underestimate the value of a knowledgeable employee.

During the meetings, make sure you address any possible changes to routes, invoicing, client communication, or other service protocols. Getting them in the loop now will not only help get the season started off seamlessly -- it will also help reinforce trust between you and your employees.


Contact Former Clients

Now is the time that your previous clients are wondering about their pool. Some will go ahead and contact you to set up services. However, some may be thinking this is the year they’re going to DIY their routine services and essential maintenance. Others may wait until the last minute to open up their pools, only to find them green and murky, resulting in urgent service requests coming in.

This is why it’s important to re-establish or increase communication now. Talking to them about the benefits of regular servicing or simply rekindling that personal relationship may make aspiring DIYers think twice and remember how convenient your service is to them. Procrastinators may realize they shouldn’t be putting off their opening services and cleanings and go ahead and get on your route schedule.

Whether it’s building trust or simply making an effort to remind clients about pool service, a simple phone call, email, or mailed flyer won’t hurt. So go ahead, start establishing that communication today.


Talk to Your Supply Vendors

The pandemic was absolutely devastating for supply and manufacturing industries. With many halting production entirely and others only working at half-capacity, the world saw unprecedented material shortages. Everything from video game systems to toilet paper had periods where their output could not hope to keep up with consumer demand.

With COVID restrictions beginning to ease, manufacturers are now able to start ramping their production back up. However, many companies went out of business because of the decline, and those who are still producing have a major deficit to fill.

Since there’s still potential for supply interruptions, you should go ahead and talk to your vendors. See if there are any chemicals or consumables that you’ve previously relied on that are now difficult to get. Also, check on the availability of common replacement parts for your pool service equipment. This is the year to be proactive about your ordering for both consumable materials and your equipment. Being reactive instead could put a significant dent in your service schedule.


Streamline Service With an App

The world is fully immersed in the digital age. With younger generations buying homes and moving into management positions at places like hotels and resorts, the demand for user-friendly service and scheduling apps is higher than ever.

If you’re still using old-fashioned phone scheduling and pen-and-paper payment collection, it’s time to level up. That’s where the PoolPro Valet app comes in.

The PoolPro Valet app is designed to streamline and optimize your pool service business while also giving your clients a convenient platform to stay up-to-date on their pool service needs. You’ll enjoy centralized management abilities such as tech route-tracking, direct customer communication, intuitive invoicing and payments, and even QuickBooks integration and contactless dispatching.

Your Certified Pool Operators and pool technicians will enjoy the field technician side of things with GPS route planning and localized account notes, invoices, and easy stop check-ins. In fact, PoolPro Valet can even eliminate the need for them to start work at the office every day, which gets them to stops faster and allows you to serve more customers. Even better, this is all happening via real-time uploads.

Your customers will love the easy online payment systems and technician arrival updates. They can even write comments for your company, post reviews, leave tips, and refer you to friends and family. Best of all, the app is completely free for them to use.

Don’t put off your pool service preparations. Start planning your Summer pool servicing today. Even better, enhance your service capabilities with the Top-Rated PoolPro Valet app. Contact PoolPro today to request more information or request a free demo.