Why It’s Time To Upgrade Your Pool Service Business Technology

Grow Your Pool Service Business During COVID-19 Challenges

With the various business restrictions being implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it may feel like the worst time to grow your business. On the contrary, this challenging time presents a great opportunity to make changes and adapt to the situation so that you come out stronger on the other side. In this blog post, the PoolPro Valet team shares how upgrading your business technology can give your pool service company a competitive edge long after the dust of COVID-19 settles.

What is PoolPro Valet?

When it comes to running a small- or medium-sized business, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. PoolPro Valet helps you stay out of ruts and operate at peak performance with our cloud-based pool service software.

Our business management tools help you streamline every process, from scheduling, dispatching, and monitoring technicians to maintaining customer accounts and feedback. Learn more about how PoolPro Valet can transform your pool service business, or keep reading to discover how upgrading your technology can help your business grow right now.


First — Break Out of the “That’s Just How We Do It” Mindset

Change can be hard, especially if you’ve been doing something the same way for years. We’re confident, however, that when it comes to running your pool service business, there are some processes that you yourself feel burdened by. It is these inconvenient yet deeply ingrained processes that are holding your business back.

Being open to change is a crucial part of keeping your business relevant as society evolves and technology advances. A perfect example of this is playing out right before our eyes — in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses that aren’t willing to adapt their processes and services will likely have a much deeper hole to claw their way out of once the world opens up again.


Now — Upgrade Your Business Technology

Once you’ve developed a positive mindset around change, you can start implementing concrete actions to grow your pool service business. Our top tip is to upgrade the technology you use in your business, starting with the processes you use every day.

Why Should I Upgrade My Pool Business Technology?

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The biggest reason you should upgrade your business technology comes down to one word: automation. Manual processing, whether it be creating invoices, accepting payments, or building service reports, is an antiquated approach that is likely costing you money and stagnating the growth of your business. Transitioning to a comprehensive service business software is the fastest and easiest way to get your business to a place where it can actually handle the potential growth you’re striving for.

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Transparency and Accountability

If you needed to locate service reports from a particular pool service technician, determine what their route was on a specific date, or uncover other detailed information, how easily could you do it? Knowing the when, where, how, why, and what of every appointment is essential for maintaining transparency and accountability of both employees and customers.

If you’re relying on stacks of disorganized, handwritten reports or scattered communication across email, text, voicemail, and sticky notes, you’re at a disadvantage when it comes to confronting employees over poor performance or providing recognition for excellent service. Upgrading to pool service software that features paperless reports, in-platform communication, and customer account management ensures that you can appropriately handle any situation and support your feedback, whether positive or negative.

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Business Reputation

The reputation of your pool service business relies on a conglomeration of online reviews and word of mouth. Having the right technology can help secure positive feedback from customers, increasing the likelihood that they will refer their friends, family, and colleagues to you. When you work hard to deliver great service, the last thing you want is for cumbersome processes to detract from your efforts. Poor followup, complex invoicing, or unclear service reports can lead to mixed reviews from customers who appreciated the service but got tripped up at the end.

The right technology can also be integrated into customer review platforms to make rating your business a breeze. You’ll save time prodding customers for reviews when the technology you use automatically prompts them for a review seamlessly after their service has been completed.


It’s All About Apps

To take advantage of the customer review integration above, you’ll need to upgrade to pool service software that supports a customer-facing app. Since the dawn of smartphones, apps have evolved from novelty entertainment into crucial channels for business.

Having a customer-facing app goes beyond reviews — it gives your customers a hub for interacting with your business. Instead of finding your website, filling out forms, calling your office, or sending an email, customers can simply request services from their smartphone. It’s easy for them, and it consolidates communication for you.


Up-To-Date Technology Increases Your Profits

Upgrading your pool service software, or implementing it for the first time, is a business expense you’ll need to budget for, but the payoff will likely be exponentially greater than the cost. You’ll be able to provide more efficient services, complete administrative tasks more quickly and with fewer errors, and get paid faster thanks to automated invoicing. The operational costs of keeping outdated tech far outweigh its savings.

When you run a better business, you can charge more for your services. It can feel intimidating to raise your prices, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to. With the right technology on your side, you can feel confident in raising your prices to match the improved service you’re now able to offer.

Get the Ultimate Pool Service Software with PoolPro Valet

This isn’t something we’re going to leave you to figure out on your own — you can easily transition to up-to-date tech with PoolPro Valet, our cloud-based pool service software. It has all of the business management tools you need to handle administrative tasks, technicians, and customers in one convenient hub. PoolPro Valet integrates with popular software, like QuickBooks, so you can keep using what’s working for you. Contact us to learn more about using our installation-free software for your pool service business!

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